Suzzy Roche 
After a lifetime of performing and recording with The Roches and as a solo performer these days Suzzy enjoys singing on the road with her daughter Lucy Wainwright Roche (  Lucy & Suzzy recorded their first CD Fairytale and Myth which won the popular vote for best singer/songwriter album of the year for the Independent Music Awards 2014.  Suzzy and Lucy released their second recording Mud & Apples in 2016, which was also nominated for best singer/songwriter album of the year. Both recordings are available on this website as well as itunes.  I Can Still Hear You, Lucy & Suzzy brand new CD is out on October 30, 2020. 
 preorder available with digital download and signed copy of the CD! 
Suzzy also performs with The Wooster Group ( most recently in: A Pink Chair (in place of a fake antique), Early Shaker Spirituals ~ a record album interpretation , and The Room by Harold Pinter
Suzzy is a founding member of the singing group The Roches

She has written two books; a novel Wayward Saints, and a children's book Want To Be in a Band?  Her second novel The Town Crazy is being published by Gibson House Press and is out now!


In addition to recording numerous albums with The Roches, Suzzy has recorded two solo albums, and an unusual collection of musical prayers, Zero Church (with Maggie Roche), which was developed at the Institute on the Arts and Civic Dialogue at Harvard University


Suzzy has taught performance at NYU graduate and undergraduate schools and at Princeton University in the Atelier Program


green shoes from croatia
green shoes from croatia
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